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ABCD Festival 2016 Report

Ikhala Trust ABCD Festival 2016 Banner

Following the success of the 2015 ABCD Festival, Ikhala Trust hosted another festival in November 2016 with the theme: “The Head, Heart, Hands and Feet of ABCD,” linking closely with the human assets identification exercise used during ABCD training.

Embracing the philosophy of ABCD entails a complete shift in mindset. It requires moving from deficit (poverty) thinking to an appreciative outlook and increasing awareness of the multiple opportunities and possibilities around us –  » Continue Reading

Little Things Make Big Things Happen

Marie Greyvensteyn (center) with their new printer

Marie Greyvenstein and her husband attended an ABCD workshop in Alexandria facilitated by Ikhala Trust and hosted by the Department of Social Development. In our sharing, she told her story of her love for history and writing, and that she had taken it upon herself to act as a tour guide in the little town, as they do not have a Tourism office. Marie’s enthusiasm for her little town and its people rubbed off on many of us.  » Continue Reading

Vuyo Msizi on the Road Again

Vuyo Msizi

Vuyo MsiziVuyo Msizi, a development co-ordinator from SCAT (Social Change Assistance Trust) regularly travels to far-flung rural areas and, through our collaboration, is able to to take much-needed second-hand clothing and donate these to community partners. This time around, we were able to send bags of good and clean items of school clothing generously donated by St Georges Prep in Port Elizabeth. Thank you Anusha for the generous donation of shirts, grey pants, school shoes,  » Continue Reading

A Story of 3 Generations of Beach Traders – Transcending Adversity

Richard and Lola's Mother

If you are like me, I love listening to stories, but not just any story – personal, authentic stories of HOPE, RESILIENCE and COURAGE. We heard many stories during our stay in Goa, but Lola’s story will stay etched in my memory for a long time.

Lola and SallyLola (35 years old), like her mother before her, has a makeshift stall a few metres away from one of the many beautiful beaches in Goa that she hires at 10 000 rupees per month –  » Continue Reading

ABCD International Festival – Goa

ABCD International Festival 2017

The Second International ABCD Festival will be held from 15 to 20 January 2017 at the superb facilities of the International Centre Goa in Dona Paula (India), bringing together people who specialize in using local strengths and solutions to improve communities.  The First International ABCD Festival in Blackpool (UK) in 2015 celebrated 20 years since the opening of the ABCD Institute at Northwestern University in Illinois and was a huge success.  » Continue Reading

Bringing Christmas Joy

Thembekile Kanise (TK) of Catholic Development Centre, Mthatha, with Dr Mashiyi, Sr May and Sr Notabo of Maclear General Hospital

Thembekile Kanise (TK), the Director of Catholic Development Centre, Mthatha handing over 3 monitors to the Maclear General Hospital CEO, Dr N. L. Mashiyi, Sr May and Sr Notabo who are in charge of the labour and neonatal wards at the Maclear General Hospital. According to the CEO, they have asked the Department of Health for these for a very long time, but to no avail. Through bringing it to the attention of TK,  » Continue Reading

Kwenzekile Community Development Centre

Unathi Jara-Magenu

Unathi Jara-MagenuThe Kwenzekile Community Development Centre (KCDC) in Tsolo is very proud of one of our Mthatha College students, Unathi Jara-Magenu, who received 80% in Mathematics and passed all her subjects in N1 Civil and Building Engineering. She was awarded two certificates for her hard work. Looking at Unathi’s background and her home situation, this is a major achievement for her. Her father left them a long time ago, forcing the mother to do odd jobs to make ends meet to feed her five children.  » Continue Reading

Community Development through an Asset-Based Approach

Asset-Based Community Development Festival 2015

Community development through an asset-based method makes up a large part of what Ikhala Trust does.  As a result, the Asset-Based Community Development Festival with the theme “Small is the new BIG” was hosted by Ikhala Trust in 2015.  We have a short clip with highlights on YouTube.

Much as the festival celebrated Asset-Based Community Development, it was also an information-gathering tool. We hoped to find out where the community wanted to take Asset-Based Community Development.  » Continue Reading

Staying in Touch with Community Partners

This is a sign post along the road between Butterworth and Idutywa!!

Planning a trip to visit community partners who are off the beaten track takes a lot of time and organising – but it is a very necessary part of what we do here at Ikhala Trust and has been our practice since we started the organisation in 2002. For many of the partners we visit – we are the only ‘outsiders’ who would take the time to come and see where and how they live,  » Continue Reading

ABCD Report: 22-25 August 2016

Ikhala Trust has been actively promoting Asset Based and Community driven Development (ABCD) through training, seminars and learning events over the past few years. The organisation also produces media and publications, to support a paradigm shift in the development sector. In addition to its 1 day ABCD fundamentals, and customised ABCD courses with networking partners, Ikhala also hosts a 3 ½ day ABCD course a few times per year at St Lukes Retreat Centre in Port Elizabeth.  » Continue Reading