Ikhala Trust supports confident, vibrant organisations able to envision and catalyze positive change in their communities.

Kwenzekile Community Development Centre

Unathi Jara-Magenu

Unathi Jara-MagenuThe Kwenzekile Community Development Centre (KCDC) in Tsolo is very proud of one of our Mthatha College students, Unathi Jara-Magenu, who received 80% in Mathematics and passed all her subjects in N1 Civil and Building Engineering. She was awarded two certificates for her hard work. Looking at Unathi’s background and her home situation, this is a major achievement for her. Her father left them a long time ago, forcing the mother to do odd jobs to make ends meet to feed her five children.  » Continue Reading

Community Development through an Asset-Based Approach

Asset-Based Community Development Festival 2015

Community development through an asset-based method makes up a large part of what Ikhala Trust does.  As a result, the Asset-Based Community Development Festival with the theme “Small is the new BIG” was hosted by Ikhala Trust in 2015.  We have a short clip with highlights on YouTube.

Much as the festival celebrated Asset-Based Community Development, it was also an information-gathering tool. We hoped to find out where the community wanted to take Asset-Based Community Development.  » Continue Reading

Staying in Touch with Community Partners

This is a sign post along the road between Butterworth and Idutywa!!

Planning a trip to visit community partners who are off the beaten track takes a lot of time and organising – but it is a very necessary part of what we do here at Ikhala Trust and has been our practice since we started the organisation in 2002. For many of the partners we visit – we are the only ‘outsiders’ who would take the time to come and see where and how they live,  » Continue Reading

ABCD Report: 22-25 August 2016

Ikhala Trust ABCD Training Report - August 2016

Ikhala Trust has been actively promoting Asset Based and Community driven Development (ABCD) through training, seminars and learning events over the past few years. The organisation also produces media and publications, to support a paradigm shift in the development sector. In addition to its 1 day ABCD fundamentals, and customised ABCD courses with networking partners, Ikhala also hosts a 3 ½ day ABCD course a few times per year at St Lukes Retreat Centre in Port Elizabeth.  » Continue Reading

Nothing to beat Hand-Knitted Jerseys

Bernie and Vuyo delivered hand-knitted jerseys and new school shoes to these young ladies

Today Vuyokazi and I had the pleasure of delivering these hand-knitted jerseys to, let’s call them ‘THE TWINS,’at a local township school.  The jerseys were knitted by Mrs Phyllis Elliott (a big Ikhala Trust supporter).  Aside from the jerseys, Melanie Preddy, our colleague, gave us money to buy school shoes.  We did not want to deliver these before the elections, just in case there was suspicion that we were ‘seeking votes’.  The twins are amongst hundreds of children living in very difficult conditions.   » Continue Reading

NMMU Tourism Society Reaching Out to Others

Sipho from NMMU

Sipho from NMMUA group of students representing the NMMU Tourism Society decided that they too wanted to reach out to others who were less fortunate and collected 4 bags of clothes which they donated to Ikhala Trust for distribution to community groups. The clothes were a blessing as we had just been approached by Machaba Community Organisation in Aqua-Park, Kirkwood for assistance with their youth day outreach. According to Sipho (in the photo) they would like to do more and liked the idea of getting involved in assisting with the purchase of school shoes as well as community gardens.  » Continue Reading

Community Visits on the 5th of May

Junior Carwash

"If you have a WHY to live for then there will always be a HOW"

Community GardeningAs I write today’s newsclip, I write it with a Heavy and a Happy heart at the same time. Why is life so unfair for so many people and yet so full of abundance for others, and I regard myself as the latter. I have the privilege of doing my community rounds on a regular basis and today was no exception.  » Continue Reading