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Nothing to beat Hand-Knitted Jerseys

Bernie and Vuyo delivered hand-knitted jerseys and new school shoes to these young ladies

Today Vuyokazi and I had the pleasure of delivering these hand-knitted jerseys to, let’s call them ‘THE TWINS,’at a local township school.  The jerseys were knitted by Mrs Phyllis Elliott (a big Ikhala Trust supporter).  Aside from the jerseys, Melanie Preddy, our colleague, gave us money to buy school shoes.  We did not want to deliver these before the elections, just in case there was suspicion that we were ‘seeking votes’.  The twins are amongst hundreds of children living in very difficult conditions.   » Continue Reading

NMMU Tourism Society Reaching Out to Others

Sipho from NMMU

Sipho from NMMUA group of students representing the NMMU Tourism Society decided that they too wanted to reach out to others who were less fortunate and collected 4 bags of clothes which they donated to Ikhala Trust for distribution to community groups. The clothes were a blessing as we had just been approached by Machaba Community Organisation in Aqua-Park, Kirkwood for assistance with their youth day outreach. According to Sipho (in the photo) they would like to do more and liked the idea of getting involved in assisting with the purchase of school shoes as well as community gardens.  » Continue Reading

Community Visits on the 5th of May

Junior Carwash

"If you have a WHY to live for then there will always be a HOW"

Community GardeningAs I write today’s newsclip, I write it with a Heavy and a Happy heart at the same time. Why is life so unfair for so many people and yet so full of abundance for others, and I regard myself as the latter. I have the privilege of doing my community rounds on a regular basis and today was no exception.  » Continue Reading

ABCD Goes to Jeffrey’s Bay

Ikhala Trust Asset Based Community Development in Jeffrey's Bay

Ikhala Trust Asset Based Community Development in Jeffrey's BaySubsequent to many e-mails going back and forth we finally settled on the 19th – 21st April for a 3 day ABCD workshop in Jeffery’s Bay that attracted 23 participants representing 6 organisations. The organisers rallied together and were even able to get participants to make a financial contribution to their own refreshments over the 3 day period. Whilst some participants had some idea of what ABCD was all about – many had been exposed for the first time and it was clear that they were excited by the possibilities of working differently in their communities.  » Continue Reading

Imbasa Community Services making a Difference

Imbasa Community Services

Imbasa Community Services is a rural community based organisation led by young people and founded by Bonga Gwengula, a pharmacist.  Bonga is passionate about reaching out to the “wise” in the community and has dedicated himself to ensuring that they are properly cared for and given the respect they so rightly deserve.  The Centre offers a variety of programmes including a community health programme that was recently officially acknowledged by the local municipality’s health portfolio for the amazing outreach to the sick who are on chronic medication.   » Continue Reading

Knitter Knatter Group donates to Ikhala Trust

Knitter Knatter

Knitter KnattersIkhala Trust was once again blessed to receive beautifully hand-knitted jerseys, caps, blankets and bed-socks from the Knitter Knatters – a group of ladies from the Laubscher East Retirement Home.  Mrs Roux, the lady in the black jersey who is aware of our work approached her group and asked that they donate these goodies to us.

And there was an enthusiastic response of YES of course.  With winter almost upon us these items will be taken to rural communities we work with and we are sure that the love with which these goodies have been made – that it will keep the recipients warm in the cold winter months!!  » Continue Reading

Coin-Laying Ceremony at Grey High School

Grey High School Coin-Laying Ceremony

Grey High School Coin-Laying CeremonyOn Friday morning the 11th March immediately after the morning Assembly, the Rector, Mr Crawford, staff and the ‘men’ of the Grey assembled outside on the quad and the traditional coin-laying ceremony got on its way with the Rector making a contribution of R690.00 (wait a bit not in coins but in notes) from money that had been handed in at the office but never claimed.  So he set the ball rolling and very quickly the teachers stepped in to fill the letter ‘G’ and the boys filled in the letters ‘REY’.   » Continue Reading